So unless you’ve been hiding under a social media blackout blanket for the last few years, you won’t have failed to notice, but probably become utterly addicted, to the wonderful world of Pinterest. I have to admit, pretty much pinteresteverything I have wanted to do, create, plan, find inspiration for, you name it, in the last couple of years, I have gone straight to Pinterest, created a board and resurfaced at least 12 hours later with exactly what I want, and had a blast in the process.

I have planned parties on there, baked amazing cakes, helped my friend plan her wedding, designed beautiful birthday cards, created fun costumes, decorated at least 3 rooms in my house, planned my creative space, decided what hair do I might like next, learned how to crochet, found great content for social media and painted myself a great Sugar Skull face. To name but a few!

As a shop that is all about creativity and inspiration, of COURSE Sew Crafty has a few Pinterest boards. In fact we have a whole shop account with hundreds of inspiring images, some from the shop itself, some just because we love them and have made us want to create amazing things from the bits and bobs around the shop. Come and have a mooch! Repin to your hearts content, we encourage it! –


By the way, did you know, to aide in your blossoming Pinterest addiction, you can add what they call an “add on” to your browser (thats the window you are looking at this website on). This add on means that if you hover your mouse over any image, a little “Pin it” button pops up. If you click that it automatically lets you add that image to one of your Pinterest boards!

This is what this looks like on our blog and site:




Install this add on to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari now using this link:

On our website actually, once you click inside a product page, you may have noticed we have added our own little “Pin it” button under the description! This does the same job without adding the add on. We love it!

What’s the best thing you’ve planned on Pinterest? What board do you think we should add to ours? Lets get the conversation started! 🙂


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