It’s my favourite time of year! Not only does Autumn mean jumpers, crunchy leaves, hot drinks and blankets, but it’s also a lot of family birthdays around now (inc mine) and my favourite holiday – Hallowe’en! I’ve been glancing over at the cupboard where my decoration boxes hide for a few days now… When is it TOO early to decorate do you think? I’m too excited!

To quench my pumpkin addiction for a few more days I thought I’d hunt around for some fun Hallowe’en and Autumnal crafts we could get stuck into!

Here’s my top ten – including something for everyone hopefully!

Crochet Skulls I’m a crochet NUT it could be safe to say. So I just had to find some spooky skulls to get my teeth into. I tried one pattern but it didn’t quite work, this one worked better and I haven’t been able to stop creating the little guys! I think it will become some bunting to add to my decoration box! –

Untitled-9 copy

Crochet Cardigan My old crochet cardi has just just bitten the dust after I wore it to death, so I think its time for a new one, and this time I’ll make it myself! This one looks nice and relatively simple to follow. Could even incorporate the skulls! –

Untitled-10 copy

Pom Pom Critters This is a cute and simple one to do with the kids or in front of the telly! This batties and spiders are ADORABLE! –


Pumpkin Pincushion Eee! This is so cute! I’m going to use this ALL YEAR ROUND!  –


Floating Ghosty I’ve wanted to make these for years! I think this year might be the time to actually do it! They seem so simple but really effective! Love them –


Autumn Leaf Bunting This is such a sweet and simple project. We could make an afternoon of it. Going hunting for leaves in the park then coming home, stick the fire on, and make the bunting together! <3 Even the idea of this makes me so happy! –

Autumn Leaf Bunting (8)

Batty Wall Art I did these last year. I think they are self explanatory enough with just the photo, they don’t need a link. Love them so much, so effective!


Sock Kitty Another simple craft that is good enough with just the image. I can see our kitty going crazy over this thing. Might have to make a couple!



Spooky Spider Frames How gorgeous are these? Something else I’d probably keep up all year, if I got the colours right.


Perfect Pumpkins Lets not forget that all important pumpkin carving! But who does the traditional faces anymore?? I love trying to be creative every year. The last few years I’ve done a cat, a face being sick (using the stuff we took out from inside the pumpkin) and a “geek”. Where can I go to get some more creative ideas I wonder? Oh yeah, Pinterest 😀 Link – Pinterest Pumpkins


Let me know if you try any of these! You can share them with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #SHOWCRAFTY – Can’t wait to see them all! xx


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