We’ve all got one, that Little Black Dress, that “go to” safety net when we need something chic but simple to wear, it may even be in the “well loved” stage by now, but we’ve all got one. We thought it might be fun, considering the season, to see what we can do with this old favourite, adding a couple of low cost touches, and maybe help with some costume inspiration!


– The Witch – maybe an obvious choice considering the colour, but it’s incredibly simple to create. A simple felt hat (cone and circle), sewn or glued together, bright coloured tights, some black boots, and a comedy broom! You could even carry around a cuddly black cat toy for extra comedic value. Or leave it out for a classier look 😉 Don’t forget the dark make up, purples and greys, and a nice dark lippy. Check out this awesome spiderweb cape tutorial for that final touch >>> http://www.deliacreates.com/no-sew-halloween-spiderweb-cape-tutorial/ 


– The Cat – How about becoming the witch’s companion itself. Grab an alice band, bend couple of pieces of wire into ear shapes, or some stiff black felt, stuff a leg of some black tights for a tail, bit of kitty make up and you’re done.


– Flapper – This is a cool one. Just add a super long necklace, beaded if you’ve got it; wrap a bit of black ribbon with a feather sewn on, round your head; get a black straw as a cigarette holder, and a shawl or a feather boa to wrap around you! Easy!


– Flamenco Dancer – something a bit different! Sew a layer of bright red fabric under the hem, tie a bit around your waist, make a fan from some card, slick your hair back into a tight bun and add a bright red rose, maybe made out of the same material to tie it all together.


– Audrey Hepburn – here’s a classy one, and it’s all about the hair. Once you’ve got that down grab those false eye lashes, all your sparkly jewellery, those over sized sunglasses, a black straw for a cigarette holder, and if you’ve got them, some black silk gloves. Unmistakably Audrey.


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