Simply Sewing Booklet and Awesome Subscription Offer!


If you have been in to your local newsagent you may have seen a the current issue of Simply Sewing  Magazine…. and if you have you may have also noticed the book that comes free with this issue. It is kind of a big deal for us here at Sew Crafty HQ as it is our book!! Sew Crafty ‘Quick Gifts to Sew’ includes 20 brand new and exclusive projects made by me that all use fat quarters, including cushions, bags and cute stuff for the kiddos too.


The lovely team at Simply Sewing have offered us an exclusive deal for all of you to subscribe to the magazine and get three issues for only £1 > Yep just £1 for three awesome issues of our favourite sewing magazine, serious bargain right there!! Offer is open to Sew Crafty followers until Thursday 3rd of December 2015.

If you have already picked up your copy head over to our newest shop category filled with all the goodies from the book to make all your favourite projects. Head over to ‘In The Press‘ to shop the booklet supplies.

We really hope you enjoy the booklet and all the projects inside. Please let us know if you make any of them and tag us in any photos on social media @sewcraftyshop and use the #ShowCrafty

I am off to work on another amazing project which you will find out more about in the new year, in the mean time don’t forget to keep in touch, we love to have a chat with you all. We are @SewCraftyShop on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Sammy xxx

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Top 10 Star Wars Crafts


It’s hard to miss the hype and excitement around the new Star Wars film, coming out on 18th December worldwide. Its even leaked over to us creative types. Inspiration for “craft wars” are everywhere!

When I was younger, my mother always made plans and trips to events by filling the surrounding days in crafts, and the day we would go to the film, or the theme park, or whatever it was, we would have a “friend” or a toy or something to take with us and remind us of the day.

I’ve pulled together my favourite Star Wars themed crafts for me, and you, to dip in and out of till the big day. Get the Ewoks (kids) involved, and let us know what you make using the hashtag #ShowCrafty on Twitter and Instagram! Enjoy!


DIY Star Wars Converse

These look just fantastic! So simple to make too! Just using an old pair of Converse, some Star Wars fabric  and some Fabric Mod Podge – if you don’t have any Converse, or fabric shoes, there will be some for less than £10 in a local charity shop, or you can grab them from Amazon now for just £15!




Crochet Characters 

These crochet characters from the franchise are just perfect, and surprisingly easy to create!



Character Finger Puppets 

These finger puppets are the cutest! So so easy to make. Grab every colour felt you need from just 75p for a square and get cracking!



Leia’s Buns Hairband

Whats a good Star Wars craft blog without a how-to for the infamous Leia buns? This is the best and most fun I’ve found online – and its even got a step by step video to follow along!



Star Wars Bib

Something for the slightly smaller Star Wars fan – utilising the rest of the Star Wars fabric you may have used earlier – this is really simple, quick, and adorable!




Wookie Cookies

Cooking craft counts as craft right? Couldn’t resist adding these clever Chewbacca snacks!



Papercraft Characters

I couldn’t find one particular website that had these, but a simple Google search pulled up a whole bunch of these fun, and FREE, papercraft characters! So fun!



Tree Decorations

Hama beads or Perlerbeads are such a fun, satisfying and relatively easy craft to get on board with. For just £11 you can get a 6,000 bead bucket, inc the trays and ironing paper from Amazon now and create unlimited amount of cool things, including these hilarious Star Wars Xmas tree hangers!



Star Wars Snowflakes

These have been all over social media recently, originating from artist Anthony Herrera, these are a little trickier to pull off but the concept is simple enough! Should just take a bit of practise. Just grab some printer paper and see what you come up with!



Death Star Globe

This is so clever! I want to make this one first! Just grab any old globe, some gaffa tape, paint and create your own Death Star! How wonderful. This might be my favourite.