Fabulous Fat Quarter Projects: Part 1

Fat Quarter Frenzy! We’ve all got them. Those bundles and bundles of Fat Quarters from the remnants pile or left over from a bigger project or maybe we grabbed a few when we couldn’t justify buying a metre yet! Hehe! Anyhoo, one of our favourite things at the moment is figuring out cute things to do with all those little pieces! And we’ve found A LOT! Here is just half of our favourites. Stay tuned for the 2nd part next month!

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pin copy

1. Magic Wands – By Sammy @ Sew Crafty

star wand party fat quarter sew crafty project sewing tips upcycle how to

These are gorgeous, easy and would make anyone feel magical! TOP TIP: Why not use sparkly fabrics, glitter glue, motifs and sequins to embellish the star!

You will need:

Step 1: Fold fat quarter in half right sides (RS) together then draw out a star shape.

Step 2: Sew around edge of shape along the lines you drew leaving a small gap at a inwards point for turning through and joining stick.

Step 3: Cut the fabric 5mm outside the stitching line all round then trim away the points and notch in to the corners.

Step 4: Turn out star and stuff firmly.

Step 5: Wrap ribbon around stick gluing at the top and bottom.

Step 6: Pop the stick into the gap in the star and sew it up.

Step 7: Tie lengths of ribbon and trimmings around the stick at the base of the star.

2. iPad/iPhone Stand By Factotum of Arts

This is brilliant! And this gorgeous Street Life fabric by Dashwood Studios would be lovely and perfectly ironic!

iphone stand fat quarter sew crafty project sewing tips upcycle how to

3. Pencil Case By Sammy @ Sew Crafty

pencil case fat quarter sew crafty project sewing tips upcycle how to

This pencil case is a little more complicated, but so worth it!

You will need:

fat quarter sew crafty project sewing tips upcycle how to

Step 1: Use your template and mark the shape on your outer fat quarter, lining fat quarter and interfacing.

Step 2: Cut all three pieces out.

Step 3: Use the template to make and cut two pockets from your lining fat quarter.

Step 4: Sew bias binding along the top of the two pockets and fold over the straight edge.

Step 5: Clip or pin the pockets and elastic to the lining and interfacing, making sure you include some looser loops in the elastic to hold larger pens.

Step 6: Sew the elastic in place and create the pen loops. Sew down both sides of the pockets 2mm from the edge.

Step 7: Place the outer fabric wrong sides together with the interfacing and pin or clip it all together.

Step 8: Topstitch together all the way around, 2mm from the outer edge.

Step 9: Create the fold lines by sewing down the centre lines marked on the template.

Step 10: Undo your zip and starting at the centre bottom, pin or clip the zip (coil facing inwards) around the edge of the case, you may need to snip in to the zip at the corners to get it to lie smoothly around the curve. Sew it in place. Fold the head of the zipper to the inside of the case.

Step 11: Make a small end stop with a scrap of fabric and slip it over the head of the zip.

Step 12: Pin then stitch bias binding all the way around, encasing all the raw edges.

Step 13: Flip the zipper head to the outside so that you can close the zip.

4. Turn One Fat Quarter into 5 Yards of Binding By Jona @ Stop Staring and Start Sewing

This is so clever! How have we never thought of this before? So ruddy useful! And we know the perfect fat quarter to use, do you?

fat quarter sew crafty project sewing tips upcycle how to

5. Tool Belt By Sammy @ Sew Crafty

This tool belt is perfect for so many uses! We’ve made 3 and use all of them!

toolbelt tool belt fat quarter sew crafty project sewing tips upcycle how to


You will need:

TOP TIP: Use a 1cm seam allowance throughout!

Step 1: Take your first fat quarter and cut one piece 18cm x 45cm and another 13cm x 45cm to create the first two pockets.

Step 2: Take both pockets and turn one long edge over by 1cm to the wrong side and stitch down to hem.

Step 3: Lay the shorter pocket on top of the taller one, then pin and stitch where you want the dividing lines on the shorter pocket to be. Sew these lines in a straight line from the bottom to the top. The central line of stitching which goes from the top of the larger pocket will be stitched later, so plan around this.

Step 4: Cut your other fat quarter in half lengthways. Lay one half right sides (RS) up on top. Place the other half RS down on top of that.

Step 5:  Stitch all the layers together down both sides across the bottom.

Step 6: Turn the whole piece RS out.

Step 7: Find the centre of the top edge of the back piece and the centre of the length of webbing, and pin it in place to match up with the middle of the fabric. The fabric needs to overlap the webbing by 1cm.

Step 8: Sew the webbing to the fabric along the length. The line of stitching needs to be as close to the edge of the webbing as possible.

Step 9: Fold the webbing down over the front of the belt, pin and stitch close to the bottom of webbing. Topstitch along the top edge in the same way.

Step 10: Stitch from the bottom of the pockets, through all four layers, up to the top of the taller pocket to finish.

6. Fabric Covered Bulletin Board By Amber @ Crazy Little Projects

This is another simple but totally effective idea for using up those gorgeous Fat Quarters and is such a perfect piece for any sewists office. Love it!

board pin fat quarter sew crafty project sewing tips upcycle how to

7. Lip Shaped Clutch Bag By Sammy @ Sew Crafty

Gorgeous, cheeky and so easy to make. Everyone who sees this is going to want you to make one for them. Why not point them to this blog post instead 😉 This one was made using the gorgeous Flurry fat quarter by Dashwood!

lips fat quarter sew crafty project sewing tips upcycle how to


You will need:

  • 2 Fat Quarters
  • Iron-on Fleece
  • Zip: 30cm
  • Poppers
  • Sewing machine with a zip foot
  • Basic sewing kit

Step 1:  Iron on the fleece to the back of the outer fabric.

Step 2: Draw out a lips shape on the outer fabric and lining and cut 2 of each.
Step 3: Sandwich the zip coil facing the outside fabric between it and the lining.
Step 4: With a zip foot sew along the length of the zip.
Step 5: Carefully snip in to the curve.
Step 6: Fold the fabrics to the right side exposing the zip.
Step 7: Repeat steps 3-6 with the second set of fabrics.
Step 8: Open out the zip and top stitch along the length.
Step 9: Leaving the zip mostly opened out flip the fabrics again and pin the lining to the lining and the outer to the outer with right sides facing. Try and get the tape of the zip facing towards the outer fabric and the coil to the lining. Don’t forget to leave a gap for tuning through in the bottom of the lining.
Step 10: Carefully snip in to the seams at all the points where it curves.
Step 11: Turn the bag RS out and stitch the gap closed.
Step 12: To get the lips shape fold the top corners down and sew poppers to hold them firmly in position.

8.  Dream Catcher By Live it Love it Make it

Cute and fun, this dream catch would look great hanging in anyones bedroom – why not make different colours for all the family?  I bet a lovely Mum you  know would love one! You don’t even need a full fat quarter for this one, just some gorgeous scraps!

dreamcatcher fat quarter sew crafty project sewing tips upcycle how to

9. Refashion a Tired Denim Shirt By Sammy @ Sew Crafty

Got a favourite shirt you love the fit of but have worn to death? Give it a new lease of life with your favourite new fabric! This is fab because ideas like this can be redone time and time again to suit you and your style, and use up every fat quarter you’ve collected!

fat quarter denim shirt sew crafty project sewing tips upcycle how to

You will need:
  • 1 fat quarter
  • A denim shirt
  • Freezer paper
  • Pencil
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
Step 1: Take your freezer paper and mark out the areas on the shirt you would like to cover.
Step 2: You can use the raised seems to help guide your markings.
Step 3: Cut out your shapes from the fat quater adding a small 1cm seam allowance.
Step 4: Iron the freezer paper on to the back of your fabric, you may need to place larger pieces across the grain to fit them on your fat quarter.
Step 5: Cut out your pieces.
Step 6: Fold in the edges and iron them in to sharp creases.
Step 7: Remove the freezer paper.
Step 8: Folding under those seams use large stitches to tack the pieces in place on the shirt.
Step 9: Head to the sewing machine and neatly sew around the edges of each piece.
Step 10: Give it one last iron to get it looking smart.


10. Large Hot Pad By Emily @ Auntie Em’s Crafts

If you’re anything like me you like to colour theme EVERYTHING in the kitchen, but sometimes can’t find just the right thing that does THAT job you know? This pot pad idea is perfect. You just need to find the right fabric fat quater. I’m sure you’ve got one!

fat quarter pot stand


Let us know if you make anything we’ve told you about here by commenting below or using the hashtag #showcrafty on any social media that uses hashtags! We’d love to see!

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fat quarter project book by sew crafty


10 of the BEST Doctor Who Crafts


To be a true Whovian you’ve GOT to own a piece of original crafty artwork based around the show! Most are so easy, ALL are so impressive. Which one will you try first??

1. Knitted Scarf

This has to be the coolest scarf I’ve seen in a while! This is definitely next on the long list of stuff I must make! And its a FREE pattern download from Ravelry – Geronimo!



2. Tardis Bobble Hat

How about to go with that adorable scarf, you use the rest of the blue and white wool to make a matching hat! Brilliant! Get the pattern now over on snappy-tots.com!



3. Brilliant Bookmarks

These awesome bookmarks look so effective and are super easy to make – check out Craft with Bee’s post to make them now!

Doctor Who 01

4. 11th Doctor’s Bow Tie Cushion

This cushion is awesome in any fabric, but why not grab some red velvet or this red superfine needle cord, and make a DW themed cushion for your sofa! Why not make 3?? They’re so easy to make and take just one Fat Quarter, some interfacing and stuffing! Easy! Try it now with OUR free download How To!



5.  Guess Doctor Who

This is such an awesome idea! Its pretty clear how you make this. You can design your own images to go in the slots or download a ready made printable from BakaThom for just $3 now!


6. Ood Ski Mask

This is so creepy but so awesome! Even if you have no intention of going skiing, this NEEDS to be made! 🙂 Check out the FREE crochet pattern on the Ravelry right now!



7. Another one thats pretty clear how to make it from the image – we just think its so cute! We found this particular idea from YouQueen.com.



8. Crochet Gloves

Just because I’m more of a crocheter than a knitter I had to include these to finish off the full set of Tardis winter wear – I’ll be trying these tonight! 🙂



9. Tardis Quilt

This was available ready made and OOAK from Etsy – but if you’re ambitious this could be quite a fun project from the collection of blue fabric everywhere you go, to piecing it all together and enjoying the final piece. So gorgeous.


10. Tardis Pumps

And finally – aren’t these fabulous? Follow the how-to here. Enjoy!

tardis something blue doctor who wedding shoes painted heels police box (30)