Our trip to Stitches 2016

Last weekend we headed up to Birmingham to have a peruse round our industry’s trade show Stitches! Or the CHSI. This is our 16th year heading up as a company (my second) and it was as much fun as it always is!

Here are a few of our favourite piccies we got from the weekend. So much to see and take in, we were exhausted by the end! But stay tuned for the gorgeous new bits and bobs we grabbed that will be coming to the shop as soon as they arrive!

stitches 2016 sew crafty stitches 2016 sew craftystitches 2016 sew crafty

It was amazing seeing our dress pattern on the shelf on the magazine stand, and seeing people picking it up! We also caught up with the Ads and Sales girls from the different magazines which was lovely!

stitches 2016 sew crafty yarnia stitches 2016 sew crafty yarnia stitches 2016 sew crafty yarnia

The Yarnia display was wonderful. So much work that must have gone into it! We couldn’t see who the artists were so we’d love to mention them if anyone knows!stitches 2016 sew crafty stitches 2016 sew crafty zips stitches 2016 sew craftystitches 2016 sew crafty haberdashery embroidery thread super hero motifstitches 2016 sew crafty rico buying fashion buyer fabric

Mooching around all the new products out there was so much fun! We got so inspired and may have ordered one or two pieces… 😉stitches 2016 sew crafty dashwoodstitches 2016 sew crafty dashwood

Ahh we love Dashwood Studios. We had another lovely chat with owner David Sweet and we’ll be working  with them closely in the coming months. Exciting!DSC_3249 copy

We did a video seminar with Sara Naumann. It was super interesting and came at the perfect time as we’ll be starting to produce our own videos very soon, so stay tuned for that! stitches 2016 sew crafty catwalk   stitches 2016 sew crafty catwalk

The catwalk was fun. The models didn’t look too happy but we enjoyed seeing the different choices companies made on what to showcase!stitches 2016 sew crafty hoooked tshirt yarn ballshoooked stitches 2016 sew crafty giraffe  stitches 2016 sew crafty hoooked purses

And last but not least – we are HOOOKED on Hoooked! 😀

Did you go to Stitches this year? Do you go to conventions like this? Its the Knitting and Stitching Show in London this weekend. We can’ t make it but let us know if you do and how it went!