Top 10 Poke-Crafts To Try Today!


As this Pokemon Go craze is slowing down, our love for creating the adorable little creatures and everything to do with them has not! We’ve tried a few Poke-crafts over the last month or so and here is a our round up of our faves! Let us know if you try any won’t you!


Lets start with something simple. This sweet baby Snorlax can be created using a few squares of felt, some stuffing and a blanket stitch! Find out more over on B4A Studios Blog now!



Time for a new bookmark! And these are fab! Create these super simple but awesome Pokemon bookmarks by following Red Ted Art’s video.




Do let us know if this is your original image, we found it on Pinterest, but its just beautiful! A bit more of a complicated craft, and time consuming. But it can be achieved by printing out an image you want to use, placing the image on some soft wood, making dents through the paper onto the wood at around 1 cm intervals, the pushing pins or hammering nails into the wood where the dents are. Then just tie string across the pins! There is no rhyme or reason here, just whatever looks good!



Lets go back to where it started and carry our Pokemon Go machines (smart phones) in an actual GameBoy! Well, no, one better, a FELT GameBoy! Isn’t this brilliant?? Follow Yuki Yao’s verison on her YouTube channel now!



Its never too early to prepare for Christmas! Have a Pokemon themed tree with these adorable baubles! Find out how to make the full set on this Imgur post today!



Why not make your own human sized Squirtle? All you need is a small human and a few basic bits and bobs! See how Gnomestic Goddess made this adorable costume through this link now!



Since Pokemon Go was released Nichole of Nichole’s Nerdy Knots has been creating these adorable tiny Pokemon and leaving them around her local parks. She’s released all the patterns for free on her website too and is encouraging everyone to join in the real life Pokemon hunt! We love it! Read all about it over on her Facebook page!



This is so sweet, and if you’re into your macrame, really simple too! If you’re not, yet, have a look at our 10 Steps to becoming a Macrame Master blog post first! Then head over to to grab their pattern for this Pokeball bracelet!




We couldn’t resist having a go at this oversized Pokeball pillow. Isn’t it wonderful? Follow Choly Knight’s pattern to make your own asap!



And last but not least how cute is this little Pikachu? Follow along with the guys from the BudgetHobby YouTube channel and make your very own sock Pikachu right now! 🙂

10 Avo-Go Avocado Crafts



What’s the best thing you can do when realising you’re obsessed with a certain TV programme, band, or food stuffs? That’s right, over indulge and surround yourself with it, you only live once! So, as we are currently absolutely obsessed with all things avocado at the moment, mainly avocado on toast – oh my – we thought we’d do a quick round up of our top 10 avocado related crafts!

Let us know if you try any, won’t you!

When suddenly I FELT a bit fuzzy

Let’s start with something simple. How utterly adorable is this little plush avocado? It’s the face that makes it isn’t it! Easy to put together and grab all you need are some felt squares, like our greens pack on the website, matching threads, and some black thread for the face. Oh and don’t forget some stuffing to make him squishy. We sell it all in the shop.


Avocado Accessories 

Part of the avocado fandom should always be to adorn yourself with as many avocado related paraphernalia that you can, there will be a lot of them in this blog post. What’s even better is when you’ve made the bits and bobs yourself. Try your hand at these sweet earrings using polymer clay. Click the image to find the instructions over on!



Curl up and Dye

Avocados aren’t just beautiful to look at; they can be used to dye clothes beautiful too! Did you know you can use avocado skins to dye fabrics? Did you know that they turn shades of pink and red and not green? I know! You learn something new every day! Follow this simple guide to using avocados to dye clothes over on the gorgeous Have Company blog now! Click the image to go there.



Carved in Stone

As well as the skins for dying, you can use the stone again too! Dry it out and carve it up in all manner of designs to make gorgeous original jewellery! Follow the instructions over on the Art Star website now! Click the image to head over.



Hooked on Avos

Like a bit of crochet? Why not have a go at Crochet and Play’s little avocado halves. One with a stone, one without. So cute! Click the photo for the pattern. Add the little eyes and mouth on after with tiny beads and some thread!



Perfect Pixels

Pixel art is huge right now, and so easy! You can create so many cool things, add them to keychains, badge backs, chains, etc. and make so many original accessories. Here are a couple of fab patterns to copy for making your own avo version. If you’ve not got a Perler bead kit, they’re everywhere at the mo, Amazon included. I’ve had this one for over a year and still not run out! Just make sure you grab one with a bead board included or grab a set to add to, to make bigger creations!





You’re avo-ing a scarf! (sorry)

There’s no pattern for this one, but if you’re into crochet, it’s a pretty simple make. It’s just a simple double crochet up and down, single round the edge with the green and black, then follow this egg yolk pattern for the stone! It’s so CUTE!



Lets avo party! (I did it again, and I’m not even sorry this time! hehe!)

If you’re an avo nut, and let’s be honest if you’ve come this far you’ve got to be a bit avocado crazy, then you’re probably going to through an avocado themed party at some point, if you haven’t already! Or maybe just a Mexican themed party for those not quite as bonkers… Then you’ll need a pinata! And why wouldn’t you make this one?? The amazing Studio DIY have put together this super fun tutorial to make your own! What are you waiting for? Start planning that party now! Don’t forget our invite 😉 Click the image for the tutorial.



Crush on Cross Stitch

Cross stitch has to be one of our favourite crafts. It’s easy but time-consuming which means once its done its pretty satisfying. You can buy this gorgeous patch from Etsy if you don’t have the time, but if you do, just grab some Aida and some thread, and follow this pattern as a guide! Make sure you finish the edges off with a super tight blanket stitch, pop it onto some interfacing, and you have your patch! Hoorah! These ready made ones from the lovely New Woodsman are pretty perfect, though, why not treat yourself? Click the link to head to his Etsy shop now!



Isn’t it dishy?

All self-respecting avocado fanatics need somewhere to pop their change and avocado earrings at the end of the day; this means, of course, you need an avocado-sized dish for such occasions! Follow this brilliant DIY over on Live it Love it Make it, to create your very own! Brilliant isn’t it?? Follow the link for the full tutorial!



Just for fun, I couldn’t resist adding this spiffing piece of avo-art from the Instagram of the brilliant Edgar Artis. Click the image to see the rest of his Insta account. You won’t regret it, what a clever bean he is!

Toodle pip!