You may have noticed a few new pics showing up on our fabric listings lately, we have been trying to come up with a way to share with you all a little inspiration an incite into what we have in mind when we choose our fabrics. Like we used to with our shop window when we had one. We don’t want to influence your decisions but we do want to show you what we are envisioning when we see a fabric and decide to order it in to sell. We want to help you if you love a fabric but aren’t sure what you would create with it, what the possibilities are and what it would work well for.

Now that we are only online we want to keep finding new ways to connect with you and encourage your creativity with our products. I hope you find the ‘get the look’ images inspiring and help you to make some fun, maybe different decisions about the fabrics that you buy from us. do let us know if there are looks you would be interested in seeing or fabrics that you want to see us stock, we are always on the look out for new designs.



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