Rudy's Cardigan

This blog post is the perfect blog for the crazy ‘summer’ weather we have been having recently! I have made the Helens Closet Blackwood cardigan which has been in my to-do list for a long time. I bought it when it first launched as I wear a lot of cardigans in my day to day wardrobe, basically I don’t have a winter wardrobe just summer dresses and cardigans! This cardi comes in two lengths and I picked view B which is the longer length.

I used the beautiful mint coloured French terry jersey from Sew Crafty Online. The weight of this fabric is perfect for a cardi for the cooler summer evenings but also to keep you warm enough in the office when the air con wars start, it can’t be just my office, right? The loopback fabric would be brilliant for any relaxed jersey clothing, even baby clothes, as it is so super soft on the outside but the loop gives it a bit extra structure and warmth. The fabric washes really well too, sometimes jersey can go a bit bobbly after washing but this survives really well. Also, added bonus, my furbabies hair doesn’t appear to stick to it in some magically amazing way so if you’re a dog lover this is the fabric for you! J I think it would make a great Linden sweatshirt or Tilly and the Buttons Stella set.

I also was lucky enough to use the amazing rainbow ribbing as my cuffs. This is super easy to use as you don’t have to fold it over and just attach it like you would a normal cuff. I think this gives this cardi which could have been quite plain a nice pop of fun! Though I didn’t think through white being on the cuffs as that’s generally the bit I end up dunking in my food or something to that effect haha! The cuffs would be great for the bottom of trousers too as you cut the length you need for the pattern on a roll and you have plenty for multiple makes, so you could have matching cuffs for all the family.

I made this pattern without any adjustments but I omitted the pockets. I felt if I decided I wanted to add the pockets I could do this afterwards and I wasn’t sure my arms would be long enough for pockets on the full-length version. The pattern is super easy to make up and only has a few pattern pieces, I like that about Helen’s closets patterns. The neck and bottom bands give it a lovely finish too all in one piece around the back which means no fiddly hems which are perfect for the jersey. I made the whole thing on my overlocker, the only bit I did on my normal machine was sewing the cuffs together as I wasn’t 100% sure where they needed to join and it’s easier to unpick sewing machine than overlocker!

I think this will get a lot of wear all year round and will be perfect for throwing in my handbag just in case it gets chilly. I hope you like it as much as me!


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