Spring/ Summer trends!

Part 1: Polka dots and white dresses… How long is January?! (I know it’s only 31 days but man it feels longer!) It’s definitely that time of year when I’m dreaming of warmer weather and if you are anything like me, already planning my summer wardrobe! I’ve been checking out the trends for Spring/ Summer […]

Handmade wardrobe 2020

My me-made sewing challenge Hi Guys! I’m Debbie, Sammy’s assistant and all round crafty person. I am mummy to my gorgeous little girl Audrey and my two cheeky dogs, my husband let me take over the basement in our new home for all my sewing stuff… so he is the best 😉 Since I can […]

DIY Ukulele case!

@lucyhannahmakes …a Ukulele case! For a while I’ve wanted to get my niece a Ukulele for Christmas. She loves music and when she visits me, she’ll spend most of the time playing on the piano or guitar with my husband, so a musical gift seemed like a no-brainer. But…she’s 2! And I’m sure you know […]


I’m a big lover of bold prints and textures within my wardrobe, but I always feel like theres one type of print missing- floral. There are some absolutely gorgeous floral prints out there but I’ve never felt like they were quite me, they always seem to bit a bit too delicate or girly, or never […]

Selfless Sewing

Back to school skirt! Hi again I’m back refreshed after the summer break and head full of sewing plans for the coming months.  Okay, my head works faster than my sewing I admit but hey who cares, you have to plan right?? My September make is actually a selfless sew as it’s for my youngest […]