Papercrafting for Xmas Part 2!

Paper garland making

This Christmas project is inspired by these beautiful paper garlands that I saved on Pinterest…it’s nice to actually be making something that I’ve saved…finally!  

Once again I’m reaching for the Rico Confetti paper pack! If you havent seen I already wrote a gift bag tutorial perfect for all your xmas gifting! Read here

These paper packs are so versatile and such good value for the quanitity and quality of the card. I think I’m going to make gift tags with any remaining card and string them with gold ribbon 🙂

This is so simple it doent really need any sort of tutorial but I would recommend buying yourself a good paper punch! I got my from a well known craft store and it’s a 2″ punch…I’m tempted to buy a star shaped one too!

You could always cut these by hand…or do different shapes. Triangles would work well…or just random shapes!

Layer 2 or 3 of the circles on top of each other and stitch together on your machine back to back in one long line with a regular straight stitch making sure you leave a nice long length of thread at either end so you can string it up!

Once they are stitched together simply un-fold each set of circles to give a 3D effect!

I love how simple but effective this is! It’s a lovely way of using up paper scraps too. 

Tag us on #scblog if you make one. We’d love to see your take on this fun craft!

Papercrafting for Xmas!

DIY gift bags with Rico papers

Not your traditional Christmas colour combo I know, but anything with gold counts right? When I saw this pack of Rico papers and card in their confetti design  I knew I wanted a modern theme for my decs and wrapping this Chrimbo…and I wanted to get started right away!

This simple craft will add the extra wow factor to your xmas gifts! It’s really simple and you can make them any size. The Rico pads are A4 and this makes an (approx) A5 size bag.

All you need:

One sheet of paper

Glue/ washi tape

Hole punch

String/ ribbon

Fold the short edges of the paper to the middle, over-lapping by 2cm and glue them together.

Fold up the bottom…the bigger the fold the bigger the bottom of the bag

Fold the sides in flat creating two triangles

Fold the top and bottom in towards eachother so they meet in the middle 

Tape in placeusing washit tape or clear tape depending what you like! Then push the sides out creating your bag!

Now you can fill your bag with goodles…this is great for jewellery, homemade sweets and cookies…or the best gift, sewing accessories!!

Punch a hole in the top and thread through some string or ribbon. I also made a gift tag with some matching card from the Rico paper pad.

I’ve made about a tonne of these with any bit of paper I can find in my house…it’s addicitve let me tell you!! Tag us if you make some using #scblog and take a look at our gorgeous range of Rico Papers and xmas trimmings …trust me it’s way more fun that buying normal xmas wrap!


Anthropologie is one of my absolute favourite places to visit, both in-store and online. I always love flicking through their mailshots and like most of you, wish I could afford to buy everything! However just occasionally I see things and think, ‘Whoa I could totally make that for half the price’ and have the fun of making it myself along the way. This years Christmas decoration collection was the perfect example and I thought I would share what I ended up making.

Pom Pom Wreath
I absolutely love this pompom wreath, I love the textures and the soft colours but I could not justify the price tag! I used a mixture of soft wools and my trusty Clover pompom maker to recreate this lovely door wreath for my own home. I simply hot glued the pompoms I made onto a cardboard ring I cut from a box and hung it with some sparkly ribbon. 

Monogram decorations
How beautiful are these beaded initial decorations, I love them, but not all the colours were to my taste so I used my felt and bead stash to recreate the letters I wanted in the colours that matched my scheme. I simply drew and cut out the letters from felt then stitched around with embroidery thread before stuffing them to make them rounded. To embellish I just jumped into my bead boxes and used some yummy bugle beads and sparkles. You could easily replace this step with some glue if you didn’t want to sew all the beads in place.

Pom Pom garland
This garland was a no brainer, I just used the leftover pompoms from my wreath and joined them together to make a garland to string in my tree, or maybe on our stairway? 
Do you have any favourite Anthropologie ‘hacks’ or inspired tutorials? If you do, link them up in the comments so we can all go and take a look and get inspired.

Lots of love
Sammy xxx

Dashwood Advent Calendar Tutorial 2016

This tutorial is for the Dashwood Advent Calendar we released a few years ago called Christmas Wishes, but you can use the exact same method to create the brand new Festive Friends Advent Calendar too! If you make one of these please do share it with us on social media by using the hashtag #showcrafty so we can see how you get on! Enjoy!


For this, you will need Dashwood Advent Panel, Sewing thread, Iron, Sewing Machine (optional) Wadding, Backing fabric, Scissors and Bias binding.


The advent calendar, like many printed fabric calendars, does have instructions on the edges, sometimes they can be a little limited. Dashwood’s, however, is pretty good.

Start as they suggest by cutting out your back panel and the pocket strips.

Folding over the top seam allowance on the pocket strips, sew a straight line all the way along the top edge.

Continue to do this for all the strips.

Then one of the most fiddly but important steps to get your calendar to look really good is to iron small box pleats between each pocket.

Then iron under the bottom seam allowance to help hold those pleats in place before you can get to the machine.

Sew down the edge of each pocket, when it comes to the centre of the pleat, be careful not to stitch down the edges of the pockets but to catch only the back of the pleat to the back panel.

Work your way along each strip then finish off the row by sewing along the bottom of the strip of pockets all at once.

By doing this rather than stitching the three edges directly to the backing your pockets have a little more room to fit larger advent gifts in.

Carry on in the same way until you have attached all the rows of pockets to the back panel.

The next step is to add your backing fabric, I used a fat quarter.

Place your panel and the backing with right sides  (printed sides) together.

Sew all the way around three edges of the line where the red and green print meets.

Turn your calendar right side out.

Leave one edge open so you can insert a layer of wadding the size of your backing panel.

Pop your layer of wadding in and to keep it in place you can stitch through all the layers. We stitch around the inside of the red border and in-between each row of pockets.

To close up the open edge we sewed bias binding in a complimentary colour across the top and added some tabs to hang it on to a dowel.

If you prefer to, sew a strip along the top just on the backside to take a dowel.

I hope that has helped any of you thinking of having a go at making this. We have just a few of this panel, Christmas Wishes, left in the shop at the moment, but a whole load of brand new Festive Friends, if that takes your fancy instead. Both are just gorgeous. Let us know how you get on! 😀


Top 10 Star Wars Crafts


It’s hard to miss the hype and excitement around the new Star Wars film, coming out on 18th December worldwide. Its even leaked over to us creative types. Inspiration for “craft wars” are everywhere!

When I was younger, my mother always made plans and trips to events by filling the surrounding days in crafts, and the day we would go to the film, or the theme park, or whatever it was, we would have a “friend” or a toy or something to take with us and remind us of the day.

I’ve pulled together my favourite Star Wars themed crafts for me, and you, to dip in and out of till the big day. Get the Ewoks (kids) involved, and let us know what you make using the hashtag #ShowCrafty on Twitter and Instagram! Enjoy!


DIY Star Wars Converse

These look just fantastic! So simple to make too! Just using an old pair of Converse, some Star Wars fabric  and some Fabric Mod Podge – if you don’t have any Converse, or fabric shoes, there will be some for less than £10 in a local charity shop, or you can grab them from Amazon now for just £15!




Crochet Characters 

These crochet characters from the franchise are just perfect, and surprisingly easy to create!



Character Finger Puppets 

These finger puppets are the cutest! So so easy to make. Grab every colour felt you need from just 75p for a square and get cracking!



Leia’s Buns Hairband

Whats a good Star Wars craft blog without a how-to for the infamous Leia buns? This is the best and most fun I’ve found online – and its even got a step by step video to follow along!



Star Wars Bib

Something for the slightly smaller Star Wars fan – utilising the rest of the Star Wars fabric you may have used earlier – this is really simple, quick, and adorable!




Wookie Cookies

Cooking craft counts as craft right? Couldn’t resist adding these clever Chewbacca snacks!



Papercraft Characters

I couldn’t find one particular website that had these, but a simple Google search pulled up a whole bunch of these fun, and FREE, papercraft characters! So fun!



Tree Decorations

Hama beads or Perlerbeads are such a fun, satisfying and relatively easy craft to get on board with. For just £11 you can get a 6,000 bead bucket, inc the trays and ironing paper from Amazon now and create unlimited amount of cool things, including these hilarious Star Wars Xmas tree hangers!



Star Wars Snowflakes

These have been all over social media recently, originating from artist Anthony Herrera, these are a little trickier to pull off but the concept is simple enough! Should just take a bit of practise. Just grab some printer paper and see what you come up with!



Death Star Globe

This is so clever! I want to make this one first! Just grab any old globe, some gaffa tape, paint and create your own Death Star! How wonderful. This might be my favourite. 



Your Upcycled Winter


It’s just been reported that we’re set for 36 – THIRTY SIX – days of snow this winter. That’s almost unheard of! If this turns out to be true, it’s time to hunker down. We’re currently saving to cross the Atlantic at the end of the year, so anything I can do to save a penny at the moment I will. Time to get crafty! Here are the best upcycling how-to’s I’ve found recently to create a brand new wardrobe of snugglies. Have fun!

mbd106220_1010_tea04_vertHere’s a nice simple one to get you started and the perfect thing to do with the most moth eaten jumper you’ve got. Cut off the sleeves and make these snuggly gloves. Great for throwing on in the morning to scrape the car as you won’t care if you lose or ruin them. Follow this quick guide on Whole Living to make yours. Once you do one pair you may not be able to stop!

Sweater Slipper-afterYou can never have enough slippers, especially when they’re made out of your favourite old cuddly sweater that’s lived it’s life. Check out this way to refashion old faithful by Kat from We Can Re-Do It. They look really simple to put together and come out in a gorgeous soft moccasin design. Can’t wait to make these!

cowl_scarf2Those thick woolly cable-knit cardi’s were so popular a few years ago, now you can make yours into this hip scarf! The buttons look fabulous. If you don’t have one there’s bound to be an old cardi in the nearest charity shop for a pound you can grab. Follow Ilene’s simple instructions over on Come on Ilene now!

diy-wollrock-endergebnisWe’ve all got one or two old Christmas jumpers lying around. Either they’re too tight now or haven’t stood the test of time. Bring them screaming into the Pinterest present by turning them into OOAK skirts! This is so cute. Definitely doing this one with my old penguin jumper. Follow Dana’s how-to over on Fashion On Blog.

And finally, this is flipping adorable. Bang up to date and oh so VERY Pinterest, why not wrap your gifts this year in your old jumpers? Just make sure they’re clean first! Check out this and other designs over on Boxwood Clippings. Or how about this wine bottle wrap from Grey Likes Weddings! Gorgeous!