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  • Pre-Order Change Maker Enamel Pin Badge


    Pre-Order Change Maker Enamel Pin Badge


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    Also available in round II in a Black and Silver colourway!

    PRE-ORDER for delivery mid/end July

    25mm round silver-coloured enamel pin badge presented on a 55mm square card made from recycled materials.

    The symbol of a fist clenched around a pair of scissors has long been the logo of The Refashioners movement. A community challenge launched in 2011 by Portia Lawrie to challenge and change the way we look at old clothes and textile waste.

    It has always symbolised our coming together as a community; to challenge ourselves to make changes. To how we think, and what we do, in our making practice.

    Now it is evolving. Now it has a name all it’s own

    The Change Maker pin is the first of a new product range. A collaboration between Portia and Samantha; and the first part of a brand new initiative to tap into the power of the maker community, to make change.

    As makers, we have the ability to imagine something and make it real. As a community, that power is multiplied. The Change Maker pin is the first in a line of products aimed at reflecting and harnessing the power of makers and making to promote positive change in society through community fundraising.

    100% of all Change Maker profits are donated monthly to a nominated charity with an emphasis on tackling social and environmental injustice.

    Making is powerful.

    Make the change you wish to see in the world.


    We aim to use 100% recycled and recyclable materials where possible in the packaging of these and any other Change Maker products.

    We are working with companies both based and manufacturing products within the UK.