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  • Raffia




    Raffia ribbon egg

    Approx 98 feet (30m) long.

    Great decorating and gift wrap option for  holidays and birthdays, anniversaries, and every day events. Great for crafters, florists, wedding and party planners, scrapbookers and decorators

    Raffia comes from a specific palm tree that originally grew only on the island of Madagascar. Biodegradable

    Raphia farinifera actually has the largest leaves of any palm tree, so it is a logical source for fibre.

  • Bakers Twine


    Bakers Twine


    10m of Twisted coloured ‘bakers twine’ style string.

    Wound on to a wooden clothes pin for easy storage.

    Perfect for Gift wrapping, Decorative touches, Embroidery, Gift tags, Wedding favours and much more