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  • Polyester Coated Foamcore


    Polyester Coated Foamcore


    Polyester Coated Foam core.

    This unique soft shell fabric has a beautiful spongy texture with two way stretch.

    Sometimes referred to as Neoprene or scuba it in fact isn’t technically either, it is a springy foam fabric coated on both sides with soft polyester jersey fabric.

    It can be used to create volume in skirts without adding too much weight or for forming padded bra cups where a pattern asks for bra foam.

    150cm 60” wide.

    Our fabrics are priced by the 1/2 metre.

    For instance if you wish to buy 1 and a 1/2 metres set you quantity to 3.

    Order will be cut in continuous lengths.

  • Happy Go Wear Foam Shoulder Pads


    Happy Go Wear Foam Shoulder Pads


    Happy-Go-Wear foam shoulder pads

    The original and the best interchangeable shoulder pads.

    Happy-Go-Wear pads are easy to insert, movement free once in place and provide super lift, volume & shape.