Basic Hand Sewing Needles


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A nice basic pack of great quality hand sewing needles.

Have a quick read in the description to see which needles would be best for you.


All these needles are suitable for hand sewing.

Pony are well know for the quality of their gold eye sewing needles which is why they are our favourite brand.


When choosing your hand sewing needles, consider what you will be sewing with them. You will get a better result if you choose the right tools for the job.

  • Household are a great selection for general sewing, you also get a larger darning needle in the mix which is great for repairs on knitted jumpers.
  • Easy Threaders have a specially designed eye so you can pull the thread down through the top of the needle instead of struggling to poke it through the small eye.
  • Sharps are petite eyed needles with a super sharp point, great for small precise stitching.
  • Darners are for darning holes in knit fabrics. a long eye and shaft assist with the weaving technique needed for successful repairs.
  • Crewels are designed for embroidery as they have log eyes to take up to six strands of embroidery floss, but they are great if you struggle to thread smaller needles.