Hi-Tack Fabric Glue


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Hi-tack fabric glue suitable for most fabrics.

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Hi-tack fabric glue suitable for most fabrics including cottons, synthetics, leather, suede ribbons. Also for use in Home décor, repairs, motifs, hems, costumes, toys etc.

The package says: Spread a thin layer of glue to both sides of the fabric using a brush or spatula and let dry for 10 minutes or until tacky then press the fabrics together using even pressure. Excess glue can be removed with water before it dries. for greater strength iron at the hottest temperature for the fabric, let dry for 24 hours before use, cures fully in 4-5 days. can be gentle hand or machine washed. Cool wash only at 30 degrees maximum. Do-not pull glued fabric when wet.


Great for clothing as can be hand washed or machine washed at 30 degrees.  Safe for kids and non toxic.

Not good for very thin fabrics like chiffon or organza.

Always test your glue before you start.


Sammy says:

Hi-Tack Fabric glue: My top choice of fabric glue. The thing I like about this glue as opposed to the more popular Hi-tack gold is that if you iron it after it’s dry it is then machine washable, at a low 30 degrees, but still better than most other ‘fabric glues’ on the market. Lets face it, if it’s a glue for fabric it kind of needs to be washable, right!  It’s not too wet and has a quick drying time so it is great for attaching trimmings that are tricky to sew.