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Wool Hand Sewing Needles


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A nice basic pack of great quality hand sewing needles designed for working with wool and yarns.


All these needles are suitable for hand sewing with wool or yarns.

Pony are well know for the quality of their gold eye sewing needles which is why they are our favourite brand.


When choosing your hand sewing needles, consider what you will be sewing with them. You will get a better result if you choose the right tools for the job.

  • Wool Duo, one sharp and one blunt short chunky needles ideal for sewing with wool and yarn.
  • Chenille, a selection of medium sized large eyed needles ideal for using yarns on fabrics
  • Yarn Darners, chunky and long needles with large eyes to take chunky yarns.
  • Tapestry, shorter, blunt tipped, long eyed needles, ideal for tapestry work or working with younger children on fabrics like felt and binca.