Autumn wardrobe staple

The Jamie Cardigan

So, you know when you find yourself down an Instagram rabbit hole and come across a pattern or garment and you think it immediately has to go to the top of your sewing list?! Well this is what happened to me a couple of months ago! I found the Ready to Sew Jamie Cardigan and fell in love! I love the slouchy style and, of course, the big pockets, and I think it’s something that could be dressed up or down. Despite my self imposed pattern purchasing ban I decided I just had to have this cardigan in readiness for the autumn and  spent some of my birthday pennies on it. I’ve also been keeping my eye on this amazing giant leopard print jersey – we all know how I feel about animal print, now, don’t we?! So when it came to choosing my next #scdesignteam project it was as if the stars had aligned!

The cardigan comes in two options – view 1 is hip length with long sleeves and patch pockets and view 2 falls at the waist with slightly shorter sleeves. They are quite economical with fabric with the longer version only taking 1.5m so this was the one I decided to go for to make the most of my fabric. 

Jamie cardigan pattern

I was very excited to use my new overlocker skills and constructed the majority of the cardi on the overlocker. This made it super quick to make. The pockets aren’t very neatly sewn on as the machine struggled at the corners with the multiple layers of fabric, but nobody will notice that except me. There were a couple of parts that slowed me down, one was the gathering of the sleeves to attach the cuff. For some reason my long straight stitch just wouldn’t gather in this fabric so I ended up removing it and hand sewing my gathering stitch which worked absolutely fine in the end. And the button holes were a bit of a nightmare because the thread kept breaking half way through and I had to unpick the whole thing and start again… at least three times! 

But despite these issues I absolutely love it and need to make the short version now! The fabric is gorgeous and soft and the perfect weight for the kind of project. And it’s quite a statement piece in this fabric! And that just makes me love it more! Nothing like a bit of leopard print to jazz up a pair on jeans! The day I took these photos it was 26 degrees outside, but two weeks before on my rainy summer hols in Cornwall it was a lovely cover up in the evenings when it got a little chilly. Initially it seemed a bit odd to be making this in August but I think it’s going to be the first thing I reach for whenever I want an extra layer.

Another Blackwood Cardigan

Kathrine's favourite wardrobe staple...

The Blackwood Cardigan pattern from Helen’s closet is one of my favourite sewing patterns. I’ve made several in different colours and prints, I don’t think you can have too many as they are a real wardrobe staple. In my previous versions I’ve stuck very much to the pattern for the longer length cardigan with patch pockets, apart from a cropped one I made from a small remnant of quilted jersey. That one has more of a Chanel jacket feel about it. Depending on the fabric the cardigan can have a casual or a smarter more blazer look to it. I love the versatility of the pattern.

For my latest sewing project I fancied a looser slouchier feel in a warm sweatshirt type jersey. Originally I had my eye on an indigo French Terry but when it was out of stock Samantha suggested this lovely mint green, flecked with lilac. It’s tricky to see the true colours in a photo but it’s very pretty. The fabric is beautifully soft but stable enough to hold it’s shape.

In order to create the looser look I wanted I decided to cut out the D cup pattern instead of the B cup I’d used previously. I also increased the front band by a third to make it cosier and cut large sloping pockets which go into the side and front seams. Nice big pockets for cold hands!

I started sewing this lovely warm fabric on the 29th July when the temperature outside was 29 degrees-perfect!

As usual the pattern came together very quickly without any issues and the fabric was easy to sew. I used my overlocker for the main seams and then my regular machine for the rest. I never use the cuff bands, so I do add a little extra length to the sleeves and just turn a small hem as it’s less bulky under jackets and coats and easier to push the sleeves up if I want to.

I top stitched the seams around the front band and hem band to give a neat finish and it helps to keep the bands in place. I love my bigger pockets; this will be something I repeat on future versions. I’m pleased I only increased the front band by a third as it’s just enough to make the collar at the back of my neck really cosy, I think double would be too much.

I finished my cardigan in a couple of hours on the same day but due to the heatwave it’s been worn ever since by Madeline, my mannequin (or body double as my OH has named her).


This weekend I finally managed to get some photos whilst wearing it. It is a great cosy layer for evenings at my caravan when the east wind picks up. Please bear in mind these photos were taken at the end of a beach day, so I look a little windswept!