Meet our #scdesignteam an interview with @Chatterstitch

This week we chat to Carol AKA @chatterstitch about her sewing journey, what inspires her and what her future sewing plans are…


In my real life my name is Carol (with no e) as my Dad forgot when he registered me! I’m Mum to two and Grandma to one! I live in the beautiful county of Yorkshire about half an hour from the sea!

When did you start sewing?

 I started Sewing when I was probably about 10! Which is quite a few years ago!

What do you like about sewing?

I love looking at beautiful fabrics then taking them and shaping them into clothes I can wear, every item is unique to me.

What is your favourite ever make?

What-ever I made last! So, at the moment my Summit Pack made from your Figo fabrics!

What inspires your makes?

Fabrics, I see a fabric I love and then have to find the perfect pattern to use it with!

How do you keep track of all your ideas?

I love to use my Sew Crafty Journal!

What are your favourite fabrics to work with?

Natural fabrics, usually with a small discrete pattern or a plain gorgeous colour!

What other sewing bloggers do you follow/ find inspiring?

My daughter (@sewstainability inspires me all the time) particularly around sustainable makes.

Also @sunnydayz06 as she’s an amazing @sewover50 maker and @victorialucerne her images are fab.

Where do you sew?

I’m very lucky to have my very own room to sew in, the good thing is nobody complains if I make a mess and leave it to come back to, I can just sew for 10 minutes if that’s all I’ve got!

What is your favourite sewing tool and why?

I love my Janome machines, I have a complete set Computerised machine, overlocker and coverstitch (all Janome)

What would be your dream project?

A red carpet gown!

What are your sewing plans for this year?

My son is getting married later this year and I’m planning on making my Mother of the Groom outfit this year so watch this space!

Next time we chat with @lastminutelisa!

Papercrafting for Xmas Part 2!

Paper garland making

This Christmas project is inspired by these beautiful paper garlands that I saved on Pinterest…it’s nice to actually be making something that I’ve saved…finally!  

Once again I’m reaching for the Rico Confetti paper pack! If you havent seen I already wrote a gift bag tutorial perfect for all your xmas gifting! Read here

These paper packs are so versatile and such good value for the quanitity and quality of the card. I think I’m going to make gift tags with any remaining card and string them with gold ribbon 🙂

This is so simple it doent really need any sort of tutorial but I would recommend buying yourself a good paper punch! I got my from a well known craft store and it’s a 2″ punch…I’m tempted to buy a star shaped one too!

You could always cut these by hand…or do different shapes. Triangles would work well…or just random shapes!

Layer 2 or 3 of the circles on top of each other and stitch together on your machine back to back in one long line with a regular straight stitch making sure you leave a nice long length of thread at either end so you can string it up!

Once they are stitched together simply un-fold each set of circles to give a 3D effect!

I love how simple but effective this is! It’s a lovely way of using up paper scraps too. 

Tag us on #scblog if you make one. We’d love to see your take on this fun craft!

Papercrafting for Xmas!

DIY gift bags with Rico papers

Not your traditional Christmas colour combo I know, but anything with gold counts right? When I saw this pack of Rico papers and card in their confetti design  I knew I wanted a modern theme for my decs and wrapping this Chrimbo…and I wanted to get started right away!

This simple craft will add the extra wow factor to your xmas gifts! It’s really simple and you can make them any size. The Rico pads are A4 and this makes an (approx) A5 size bag.

All you need:

One sheet of paper

Glue/ washi tape

Hole punch

String/ ribbon

Fold the short edges of the paper to the middle, over-lapping by 2cm and glue them together.

Fold up the bottom…the bigger the fold the bigger the bottom of the bag

Fold the sides in flat creating two triangles

Fold the top and bottom in towards eachother so they meet in the middle 

Tape in placeusing washit tape or clear tape depending what you like! Then push the sides out creating your bag!

Now you can fill your bag with goodles…this is great for jewellery, homemade sweets and cookies…or the best gift, sewing accessories!!

Punch a hole in the top and thread through some string or ribbon. I also made a gift tag with some matching card from the Rico paper pad.

I’ve made about a tonne of these with any bit of paper I can find in my house…it’s addicitve let me tell you!! Tag us if you make some using #scblog and take a look at our gorgeous range of Rico Papers and xmas trimmings …trust me it’s way more fun that buying normal xmas wrap!

Slow craft…

Denim jacket re-fresh

I love all types of craft but I’ve been particularly inspired by embroidery lately. I have found some wonderful examples on Pinterest (pics above) of  beautiful clothing and accessories adorned with hand embroidery. I’ve been wanting to do a craft I can pick up and put down lately, something relaxing that I can do socially and in front of the telly, so I thought I’d give it a go! 

I’ve had these ombre (or varigated) embroidery threads in my stash for a while now and throught they would be perfect for this project. You get a whole pack for only £9.50 and they really are goregous and great value, plus it means I can get a lovely graduated colour effect with minimal effort…that’s my type of craft! Shop here

I thought I’d give a new lease of life to my classic blue denim jacket, it’s very plain and could do with something to make it a bit more individual!

So I popped an embroidery hoop on it…then sat there and looked at it for ages! I wasn’t sure If i wanted something quite graphical or some beautiful flowers for my first project…

After a little browse on Instagram, looking at tattoos and artwork for inspiration, I decided to do a graphical picture of a triangle with a moon and sunrise…I may add an egyptian eye too as it turns out the triangle is looking awfully like a pyramid! 

I drew out my design with a water soluable dress making marker, it’s blue so not easy to see in these pics but was enough of a guide for me.

It’s funny how these ideas can organically develop as you go and sometimes it’s nice to just go with the flow and not plan it out to meticulously.

I used a chain stitch for the triangle and straight stitches for the rest. I’m pleased with my progress so far and will report back when it’s finished!

I’m really enjoying the gentle nature of hand stitching, it’s making me slow down and take my time which is a first! I think it’s really important to try and take back some time for yourself. According to psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi crafts such as embroidery allow us to enter a ‘flow’ state, a perfect immersive state of balance between skill and challenge which is beneficial for our mental health.

I truley believe crafts are good for the soul 🙂

What projects are you working on? Where do you take your inspiration from? Leave us a comment!